Our Results

Highlights from 15 Years of Accomplishments


The esteemed national Annie E. Casey Foundation recognizes the link between quality representation for parents and better outcomes for children. It awards CFR $250,000 and CFR begins with 3 staff members. More than 28,000 NYC children are in the foster care system and their average length of stay is 11.5 months.


CFRs first team of an attorney, a social worker, and a parent advocate- takes referrals to represent any parent, anywhere in New York City to begin demonstrating that the model will work.


A growing CFR staff now works with 75 families a year. CFR’s data demonstrates that the children of its clients spend less time in foster care than other children in the city.


New York City awards CFR a contract to bring the CFR model to scale, and CFR begins representing 500 parents a year in Manhattan Family Court.


CFR publishes its first article on our “Cornerstone Advocacy” approach, which gains nationwide attention, and CFR begins to receive requests from other states to help them replicate the CFR model.


New York City awards CFR a second contract to represent an additional 500 parents a year in Queens Family Court.


The New York State Bar Association selects CFR to receive the award for Promoting Standards of Excellence in Mandated Representation, stating CFR is a “recognized innovator in parent representation, and is a tireless advocate for legislative and policy reform.”


CFR launches Home for Good, giving families an efficient, one stop solution when housing, immigration, or criminal issues challenge their stability. CFR has a staff of more than 85 and a budget of more than $8 million. Now, fewer than 10,000 NYC children are in foster care.


CFR has served over 7,800 families with more than 11,500 children and has trained more than 10,000 practitioners in 19 states. The Federal Administration on Children, Youth and Families issues a memo to all 50 states, citing CFR as 1 of only 3 “exemplary models” that should be replicated nationwide to better support families.

So Far in 2017: 

  • CFR served nearly 3,000 families (including over 1,000 new clients)
  • 419 children safely left foster care and reunified with their families
  • For children in foster care, CFR obtained improved visitation arrangements in 1512 instances
  • 1100 parents received assistance with culturally competent and individually tailored services plans (like domestic violence or mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment, and parenting skills)
  • Attorney and social work staff advocated at 3,338 in-court and out-of-court conferences
  • CFR conducted 28 external trainings for 620 practitioners across the country
  • Over 50% of CFR’s clients children never entered foster care and for those that did, their length of stay was significantly shorter than City and State medians.
  • The minimum cost of keeping one child in foster care in New York State is $30,000 per year.  CFR’s services, however, cost just $6,500 per family, regardless of the number of children.
  • Since 2007, CFR’s services have reduced the cost of foster care by more than $37 million.


All facts via CFR internal data (as of September 2017).