Our Families

Issues Our Families Face

Of CFR’s clients, 88% are people of color and 70% are women. All of our families are living in poverty. All are experiencing the complicated child welfare system. And all are at risk of having their children placed in foster care.

But each family faces a distinct set of challenges that threaten their stability.


100% of the families served by CFR live below the poverty line

Domestic Violence

26% of our clients are victims of domestic violence


31% of our families are homeless and many face unstable housing

Language & Immigration

26% of our clients are immigrants

Mental Health

33% of CFR parents have a mental health diagnosis

Substance Abuse

36% have a history of substance abuse

Single Parenthood

53% of parents are raising their children as single parents

Nikki’s Story

Nikki was coping with bipolar disorder when her son was wrongfully removed from her care. View Nikki’s story.