Domestic Violence

Breaking the Cycle

Rosa is the loving mother of four girls--but her husband was abusive. Read more to learn about how CFR helped her escape domestic violence.

Rosa was the loving mother of four girls–but her husband was abusive. Read more to learn about how CFR helped her escape domestic violence.

Domestic violence is one of the most difficult and widespread challenges for CFR families—it affects nearly a third of our families. While the majority of these clients are victims of abuse, we also work with parents who are batterers. CFR works to break the cycle of domestic violence and ensure our clients do not become victims again or continue to abuse other partners.

Keeping Families Safe

CFR teams approach this painful issue from many sides. We first ensure that survivors of domestic violence and their children are safe by finding emergency housing, often in domestic violence shelters, as well as securing orders of protection against abusers. CFR also works to keep children from being placed in foster care, as this separation can cause further trauma for both the victim and their children.

Achieving Stability

When parents are separated, the financial burden on the parent caring for the children may be great. CFR social workers help newly independent families to attain public assistance, enroll in financial literacy programs, and apply for jobs. To accommodate work schedules and children’s education, we help clients create plans with relatives and friends for getting children to and from school or providing childcare, as well as providing housing if possible. Helping clients maintain self sufficiency is often crucial to preventing the family from being separated by foster care.

Rehabilitating Batterers

When our client is the batterer, we work to prevent continued abuse of their current or future partners. CFR helps them understand how their behavior affects their families and ensure that they will not continue the cycle by engaging them in batterer’s intervention programs.

The safety of our clients and their children is our first priority as we work to enable families to break the cycle of abuse.