Cornerstone Institute

Our Cornerstone Approach:

CFR’s innovative approach supports family reunification, when possible, by devoting intensive advocacy during the first 60 days of a case in the following areas:

  1. Placement arrangements that support a child’s connection to their family and community;
  2. Visitation that enables parents and children to spend time together in ways that mirror their family life;
  3. Service planning that builds on a family’s strengths as well as their needs; and
  4. Conferencing opportunities that empower parents to meaningfully participate in service planning for themselves and their children.

At our Cornerstone Institutes, we bring practitioners from other states to CFR for an in depth three day training series on parent engagement, Cornerstone Advocacy, and interdisciplinary team work.  Institute curricula are tailored to state specific laws, regulations and policy directives.  Since 2010, CFR has trained practitioners from Georgia, Vermont, Iowa, New Mexico, Florida, Ohio, Louisiana, and more!  If you are interested in exploring how to bring your “team” to CFR’s Cornerstone Institute, contact Christine Bruno at 

Quotes from Past Participants of a Cornerstone Institute:

“I believe the three days more than met our group’s expectations.  Although we all come to the discussion with different perspectives, and even different views on adopting this model, the training and presenters were so versatile and I believe responsive to our group’s questions and pace, that most of our questions were addressed one way or the other.  The design of the training was very comprehensive and allowed persons (such as myself) who are new to this concept to see it from so many angles that it provoked tons of thoughts around design, planning and implementation – which makes this training successful in my mind.  Exposing professionals to the why and how around concepts is the first step to them really being able to determine if this is a good fit for their own system and community. “

“I would definitely highly recommend CFR for sharing this model with other jurisdictions.  There was a great deal of diversity in the curriculum, different views, angles and perspectives that will provoke a lot of thinking for anyone considering this model.  Your team has a pretty well-oiled process, which is important for folks to see what they can achieve with mature implementation and monitoring.”