Our Work

Every Family Matters

Our mission is to keep families together.

Kendra & OmarWe provide families in crisis with free legal assistance and social work services to enable children to stay with their parents safely.  CFR works to keep children out of foster care entirely or keep their time in care to a minimum.

Every year, CFR serves more than 2,100 families in New York City. We work in the courtroom and in the community to keep families intact and prevent children from entering foster care.

Our reach is broad and expanding.  CFR’s model provides vulnerable families with an innovative team, composed of a lawyer, social worker, and parent advocate to provide comprehensive services to our clients.  Our Training & Technical Assistance shares our expertise and experience with child welfare practitioners throughout the city, state, and country.  Through our Policy & Advocacy work, CFR positively impacts the child welfare system.

Our clients are especially vulnerable.  Each year, we open more than 1000 new cases for families in Manhattan and Queens. 100% of these families live in poverty, 92% are people of color, 76% are women, and 25% are under the age of 25.  Our clients struggle with issues like domestic violence, substance abuse, homelessness, and mental illness, which our teams help them to overcome through intensive, specialized services.

Our financial impact is significant.  At least 86 cents on every dollar goes directly to programming, and our services cost an average of just $6,500 per family — versus a minimum of $30,000 per child in the foster care system.