CFR’s Future: Home For Good


Expanding Services, Sustaining Innovation

CFR has a proven track record of reuniting families quickly and safely. Yet the insidious aspects of poverty remain, making their success fragile at best: a job loss results in homelessness; a medical emergency means a child is left home alone because child care is too expensive; an immigrant family can’t access needed counseling because they lack insurance. All of these can mean children re-enter foster care, and statewide 15% do.

We don’t just want to get children out of foster care; we want to keep them out!

HOME FOR GOOD is our new initiative to provide families with enhanced services they need to put them on a path to a sustained well-being. Our goal is to reduce the number of children who must enter foster care, and reduce instances of re-entry to care. We will expand our services to assist clients with housing, public benefits, immigration, criminal matters. We also will provide extra support to clients facing mental health issues and during times of family transition.

Home for Good Graphic (Temp)

Since CFR already assist families with child welfare issues, we hope to quickly react to other issues providing them with a one-stop solution of efficient and effective assistance.

Last year, CFR added a small housing team to represent parents threatened with eviction or who need advocacy to secure repairs to keep their homes safe. Fewer CFR children are now at risk of foster care, and with additional support, we will build teams with the expertise needed to secure Every Family’s Future.