Policy & Advocacy

Changing the System

Our direct service work with indigent families informs all of our policy work. CFR’s groundbreaking approach means that we have a place at the table, within task forces and coalitions, and with decision makers at all levels of government. CFR uses these opportunities to make recommendations on policy and program initiatives for both the child welfare and the family court systems to ensure that parents and their children have access to the best legal services and opportunities to keep their families intact.

Recent Work:

CFR has signed onto a letter to the City’s Board of Corrections about proposed restrictions to family and other visits for inmates housed on Rikers Island. This letter,  from organizations working with incarcerated parents and their children,  argues that the proposals would likely deny, delay, and reduce the quality of visiting, and risk exacerbating violence by further isolating people from their loved ones in the community.

Read the letter here: Collective letter BOCRikers May2015.

New York State Bar Award

The New York State Bar Association selected CFR to receive its 2015 Award for Promoting Standards of Excellence in Mandated Representation, noting that CFR “exemplifies and defines the highest professional practice standards, is a recognized innovator in parent representation, and is a tireless advocate for legislative and policy reform.”